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Naturally Bahamian founder shares bush medicine remedies at Cancer AssocIation Meeting

By Jaimie Smith, News Reporter

The Cancer Association of Grand Bahama recently invited Denise Worrell, Proprietor of Naturally Bahamian to educate members and guests, alike on the natural wonders of various bush medicines found throughout the Archipelago. According to Worrell, all of the ingredients used in her products, from teas and juices to bathing soaps and deodorants are indeed, naturally Bahamian. ” I am here at the invitation of the Cancer Association to address their members and guests concerning some of our natural Bahamian teas, herbal preparations as well as juices and drinks. The company has been established for three years. My father is a dialysis patient; I have a lot of experience dealing with persons who are ill.” She shared that throughout her fathers illness she has learnt a lot about the importance of making those who are ill feel as comfortable as possible, while learning how to treat various ailments, not necessarily with pharmaceutical means but also with natural means.” Worrell disclosed that seminars such as this are very important to educate people about the medicinal uses of trees found right here in The Bahamas. “I think this is very important because a lot of what is genuinely Bahamian is being lost as things are not being passed on from generation to generation. This keeps the Bahamians thing alive in the spirits and the minds of The Bahamians. The products also have the health benefits of helping to relieve them of certain symptoms that they might be experiencing. I think it is excellent and I am very pleased to be in Freeport.”  She added that many of the bushes that are components of her products are found throughout the Bahamas however some are found in particular areas. “There are certain islands that have more. For example, the cascarilla tree is really popular in Acklins and also in Eleuthera; the best kept secrets. We also have a lot of five-finger trees here in Grand Bahama as well as kamalame and pine trees. People can take advantage of these trees and use them for medicinal purposes.” Norma Headley President/Counselor Cancer Association of Grand Bahama noted that the presentation was well done. “It went over well, people are very conscious now about putting toxins into their bodies because of what they have heard here tonight from Mrs. Worrell. I think it was extremely to the point. Everything that is used in her products is strictly Bahamian grown. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge. Headley shared that the Cancer Association plans to have similar events as the Association is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. “We are now in the process of planning other things. This is one of our first.” 